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Thursday, September 29, 2011

my real job!

for those of you who may be new to my blog.....my blog is something i do for fun 'on the side' of my real life!  i'm a mom to 3, so that in itself, creates a busy schedule!  as many of you know!
but, i'm also a wedding photographer.  recently my sister in law/business partner, teila, and i had a promotional video created for our website.....
click below:




  1. Adorable video and your photography is gorgeous. Great use of lighting! I may have to have you shipped to Minnesota when -that- time comes ;)

  2. I LOVE that video of you gals!! And the song...!! SO adorable! And that turquoise wall...I want!!!! BEAUTIFUL photography! May I ask what kind of cameras/lenses you use? Maybe that's not allowed!!

  3. Awesome!!!!! Where were you when I got married? :-) Oh thats right- Calgary, Alberta. And, I was in Sedona, AZ. Too bad! Seriously though- your pics and that video was really nice.


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