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Friday, October 28, 2011

"best of blogland" fridays!

oct. 28th, '11 - welcome to another edition of:

awesome dresser transformation! decorchick

pretty wax paper chandelier decor adventures

craft room reveal - impressive! the ivy cottage blog

beautiful diy headboard! designing by numbers

those were a few highlights!  
have a happy weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

ikea table - customized!

i'm sure many of you are familiar with the amazing decor/inspiration blog, apartment therapy!
well, yesterday they posted some awesome customizations to a good 'ol IKEA table...

i thought it was such an awesome example of how an inexpensive item, can not only be customized, but look pricier than it really is!

check it out:

for the photo sources, please head on over to the original post at apartment therapy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


well friends, it's time for another giveaway!!

this giveaway is sponsored by:

this is a wonderful little company that offers creative and adorable greeting cards! 
here's a little taste of what they do:

lovely right??

would you like to have a chance at getting the file of your choice for FREE??
well, then, this is what you must do:

1.)  you must be a follower of my blog

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that's it.....winner will be randomly drawn when i reach 430 followers!

check out other great links to giveaways and coupons by clicking here:

Friday, October 21, 2011

"best of blogland" fridays!

october 21'st 2011 - welcome to another edition of:

soft and serene fall mantle {twenty} something

charming eiffel tower book bundle  confessions of a plate addict

homemade cleaning supplies  from gardners 2 bergers

gorgeous vanity created from a table  the real housewives of bucks county

stunning closet transformation  the 36th avenue

those were some highlights i found this week!
have a happy weekend! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

a shout out!

as many of you bloggers know, we're constantly inspired by other fellow bloggers.  once in a while you connect with someone's blog more so than others!  it's always so much fun to browse through their creativity and get some great 'take away' ideas to incorporate in your own home! 
many of us bloggers share ideas from each other.  today, i got a lovely 'shout out' from a new 'follower/reader'....it was so sweet, i felt compelled to return the favor!

so check out:

here's a few pics from her own home and the hard work she's been doing!

her office

a cabinet transformation

fabulous chair makeover!

so head on over and check her out!  and thanks once again,  melissa for your sweet words!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


as some of you may know, i'm now occasionally blogging for style at home!
i've always loved them for being an awesome source of inspiration and canadian sourcing!

this week, their style trend of the week is GLAMOUR!
i love love love the sparkly touches a little glam can add to a room!  
so i thought i'd share a few fave photos from their site and invite you to visit them and be inspired for yourself!

for the sourcing, pricing and more photos, check out their online article by 

Monday, October 17, 2011

grid panelling diy

there was really nothing wrong with my bonus/family room.  however, for the past 5 years i've had the idea of grid panelling, and wanting to do it somewhere.  i just had never got around to doing it, or more appropriately.....had never got around to convincing my husband to do it with me!

but, last week, he had a couple of days off....i threw the idea out there, and he actually said, 'yeah, ok'........say what?!  it was an easy sell!  so a day and a half later, it was done and i/we couldn't be happier!!

here's a pic of my family room before the panelling:

and now......

i'm seriously sooooo happy with it!
our house is about 11 years old, so certainly not old enough to have any architectural interest.  we thought this was a great way to add a little visual somethin' - somethin'!

so how did we do it you ask? 
well, let me tell you....

ripped off the baseboards, didn't bother to paint the wall first....

bought 2 pieces of mdf and had The Home Depot cut it into 6 inch strips

we did the math before we left to buy the mdf.  figured out the size of the squares we wanted.  we made our squares 24 inches by 27 1/2 inches.  the wall didn't allow for 'perfect' squares, but i think it's close enough to fool the eye

filled the seams and nail holes with drywall mud.  used dap to caulk the inside of each square so no big gaps were showing....

because we had dark grey before, the white didn't cover well......so 3 thick coats later, we felt it finally looked 'covered'


i think it's clean, bright and classic....

this project was inexpensive!  2 sheets of mdf, costing about $60, a can of paint, and a little wood filler/dap.  we do have a saw and air nailer that made the job much easier!
fyi, i just use behr's semi gloss, interior, ultra pure white, right off the shelf.
we also framed out the top and sides with quarter round, b/c our walls aren't perfectly straight....and there were wierd gaps.....so an easy fix.

all in all, it was easy.....but i won't lie, it's not the fastest project....it's a little time consuming!
however, well worth it, i think!