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Thursday, October 13, 2011

beachy turquoise rooms - guest post!

---i was recently approached by arcadian lighting to feature a guest post from one of their writers!  so please enjoy the following, fabulous rooms with shades of turquoise and beachy accents!  
personally, i love em all!---
(the first two rooms are devine!!)


Hello! My name is Jenn and I am a writer with Arcadian Lighting, which is an e-commerce website that specializes in top lighting ideas and trends from around the world. My first full-time job was working as an editor for a home decor magazine, and I've been hooked on light fixtures, vintage furniture, wallpaper, and interior design ever since. I spend the better part of my day checking out different home decor blogs, and one of my faves is Beach House In The City - I was so excited when I found out I'd be guest posting here today, so thank you! There are two things that go together beautifully in a home - the colour turquoise and a fresh beach-inspired theme. Calming and very in-the-now, beachy turquoise rooms always look fresh when outfitted with pretty accessories and smart light fixtures. These eight rooms exemplify this. Boutique hotel chic
Beachy Turquoise Rooms
The turquoise tufted fabric headboard is an exquisite piece, especially when it's flanked by these wall sconces dripping in crystals.
A room with a (huge) view
Beachy Turquoise Rooms
The majority of the light in this living room pours in from the oversized window, however it's the dramatic sweeping turquoise drapes that really draws the eye to this architectural detail.
Cozy diner space
Beachy Turquoise Rooms
The turquoise walls in this modest kitchenette are broken up with white shelving, and the backless chairs give the space a distinctly vintage look. The greenery and wall art offer a touch of beachy fun.
An ocean of colour
Beachy Turquoise Rooms
This bluish-turquoise is a great shade of colour for a dining room, and the palm plant in the corner complements the bold colour choice.
Turquoise and black
Beachy Turquoise Rooms
An elegant mix is that of black and turquoise - the accessories, such as the patterns on the window treatments and pillows, the crystal ceiling light along with the floor lamp gives this room organic feel and dimension.
Turquoise and white
Beachy Turquoise Rooms
The starkness of white and the exotic-ness of turquoise is complementary for a beachy boudoir. The matching bauble lamps are also a nice touch.
Beach bathing
Beachy Turquoise Rooms
This bathroom vanity looks like it should be oceanside, with starfish and seahorse details as well as soft turquoise accent walls.
Turquoise little girl's room
This fun shade of turquoise is whimsical in a girl's bedroom featuring a canopy bed and a beach hut print on the wall. The turquoise lamp looks pretty with a white shade.
This post is brought to you by Arcadian Lighting. If you're interested in more design ideas, feel free to drop by the Arcadian Lighting Blog! Images ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 ).


  1. Gorgeous images!


  2. Those are so pretty!! There is just something extra soothing about shades of blue!!

  3. gorgeous pictures. i love the first two rooms beautiful xxx

  4. Thanks for having us, it was great working with you on such a gorgeous post! I love it!

  5. Hi I really like the first picture with the turquiouse and white. I was wondering where you can purchase these items in the pictures??


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