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Thursday, December 01, 2011

diy display cabinet

well, it happens every fall.  i finish editing weddings and i start to think about my house again and all the things on my "to do" list.  last week, i was sitting in my living room, looking across at my kitchen and decided i hated looking at my microwave.  although, i really like my kitchen, i would do it completely different, had i the chance to start over.  but with the budget we had at the time, and the existing layout, we couldn't do much at the time.  

one thing, i never liked, was staring at the microwave :(
so my brain got to thinkin'
what if we pulled it out, stuck it in one of the large pantry cabinets, and created a display shelf in the process???!!

fabulous idea, i think :)

so, we went from this:

to this:

nice right?  i was originally wanting to add glass doors, but haven't made the trip to IKEA yet!  not sure what options they'll have in the size and finishes i want, but at least, i don't hate it exposed either!

we have a large pantry cabinet next to this microwave cabinet, which was in serious need of decluttering/organizing....so....the microwave has moved into this space...

all we had to do, was remove the doors, line the back of the cabinet with some leftover wallpaper, and voila!!

we have to figure out some way to plug the hole in the cabinet, as we needed that originally for the microwave cord....

now time to buy new wine glasses, b/c i'm missing some and these aren't so pretty anymore! :)

a great way to add some visual interest, hide a not-so-pretty element, and repurpose an exisiting space for NO MONEY - love that!