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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I had this lonely photo above my couch and knew instantly I wanted to create more of a gallery wall there.  But I didn't want to just throw up a few pics and call it a day.  I really wanted to incorporate a little watercolor text and maybe a marquee light.  So this winter break, I finally decided to sit down and draw out a few things.  Super easy, just had to make the time to do it.

So here's the wall that needed a bit of help and was looking a titch boring!

.....so I started collecting a few things to use......a marquee arrow from Michael's and a few watercolor ideas....

got this for 50% off, but figured it needed a bit of dry brushed white paint to make it more at home in my place :)

No big science to this for me......I just keep moving things around until they look right.  I also do not intentionally have any thing line up too correctly, so it saves me from measuring.....I'm more of an eye-baller, so this little trick works for me.

Love it so much more now.  I wanted to keep all the finishes light, gold or natural so they would all work together and not look too busy, even though there are lots of different pieces together.

Found this quote about family on Pinterest so simply hand wrote it.  Made a little heart, which took about 5 seconds and 2 brush strokes.  All created with watercolor paper and paints/brushes from Walmart.  So no big investment.

Light, bright, and more interesting than that one lonely photo from before :)

Rethink some large walls in your own home and decide if a gallery wall might be right for you!

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