Friday, January 08, 2016


Here's a great DIY for ya!  We all cook, right?  Some of us more, some of us less.  But guaranteed someone has given you a recipe and you've wrote it down.  Or you've pinned a recipe on pinterest, and wrote it down because you didn't want to keep flipping your phone/ipad off and on while you made it.  So because I have several of these kinds of recipes, I've always kept a little recipe box.  But, honestly mine was not so pretty.  Then a couple weeks ago, I was at Michael's and saw the unfinished wood recipe box and knew I could make it a little extra cute.  Maybe even nice enough it didn't have to stay hidden all the time!

So I got the idea to use some lettering on it.  At first I thought, maybe, just paint the word "recipes" on it, but then I found these little wood letters in a pack.  A whole bunch for about $3.50 if I remember correctly, so knew I could use those for other little projects.

-- So I unscrewed the little hinges and sprayed the box white.....a couple coats.
-- Sprayed the letters gold.....a couple coats.
-- Put a clear coat of spray on everything.
-- Put the hinges back on.
-- Glued the letters on.

Done!  So easy and I think really cute.  A bit of a vintage throw back type vibe hey?

Nice huh?!

Don't assume those unfinished items in craft stores can't be made to look a bit more 'adult' and lovely!!

Go create something!