F O L L O W by E M A I L

our house

This is usually the first place I look when I follow home bloggers.  I love seeing how people live!  Here's the hitch, the below links are to my old home from years ago!  Not even how my home looked when we sold it, as it had changed and evolved over the years.  So although I'm proud of the work that is shown in these posts, they don't necessarily represent me at present.  Make sense?

I am however going to be adding links to my current home's new posts very soon, as I publish them!  So stay tuned!


our old home below:

dining room:

 living room:

(link to post of above two rooms)

master bedroom:

(link to this post)


(link to this post)


(link to this post)

emma's room:

(link to this post)

family room:



{link to this post}

basement bathroom

basement family room

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tons more coming soon:

laundry room
carter's room
emma's room
guest bedroom
upstairs bathroom
powder room